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In seconds instead of hours.

The idea

My search for overview and easiness of use in the diverse world of crypto currencies resulted 2016 in an written concept. The draft points out the essential functions this app needs to fulfill to be useful for you.

In addition, I wanted to make studying possible for my son at a place of his choice. Implementing this app was my idea of making this work out.
Countless hours later it is possible for you to benefit from this idea. All already implemented features will simplify your start and overview in the world of crypto currencies.

Plain design

Adapted for your device
Maximum overview</br>Always readable
Reduced to the essentials</br>Focus on simplicity and transparency
Secured access
PIN-Lock of your choosing</br>Fingerprint for fast access
Automatic adjustment
All texts in the language of your device</br>Localised numbers</br>Date & time as usual</br>Sort orders are persisted

Three views

Discover how easy keeping overview of crypto currencies can be.
Choose your favorite startup screen.

Without any additional setup rates of all accounts are displayed within the rates overview. Rates are always calculated with current bitcoin value and converted to your preferred reference currencies.
All additional information are only one tap away.
Assets (table)
All watched balances are automatically accumulated by currency and shown within a table. Depending on your screen size an additional column for the selected reference value is displayed. Both, sorting and viewing the details, is easily possible with just one click.
Assets (graph)
If you are rather a visual focussed person you will love assets being displayed as navigateable pie chart. Using the graph is intuitive from the beginning and handy for going from overview to detail.

Priceless additional features

These features will simplify your every day life within crypto world tremendously.
All of this is only possible, since this app is not any kind of a digital wallet.

9 Bitcoin rates

For converting crypto to fiat currencies (euro, pound sterling, us dollar, ...) you can choose out of 9 major exchange providers.

rate to assets

With just one click on table-symbol you can easily navigate from any currency detail directly to your according assets (given that you have entered any accounts with this currency).

Countless reference currencies

You can easily add all your preferred reference currencies. With this a conversion for all your balances and rates is displayed on all detail views. In addition to the default currency Bitcoin, you are able to set up two further references as your favourites. These currencies are presented in the golden header to perceive them immediately.

Offline usage

All important functionalities are granted even if you are offline. So it does not matter where you are. In this case the data from your last refresh is used and offline note is displayed.

Detailed information

You can access additional coin details quickliy by pressing the info-icon. This shortcut is enabled on every account and account group view - reachable from the assets table.

Additional rates

Without any configuration all rates of your enterd currencies are shown on the rates page. Additional rates can be added easily by pressing the plus button on this view or within the according settings.

QR code scanning

The fastest way to add a new source is by scanning a QR code. Depending on your wallet or block explorer, not only the address, but also name and currency are passed - then you only need to scan and save.

QR code generation

Displaying the QR code for any address is possible as well - even if you are offline. Needless to say, this enables receiving digital coins for any currency with an entered address of your choice. <br/>
However, be careful: The app is not able to check the ownership of the accounts entered by you, act with self-responsibility! We can not take liability for wrongly addressed transactions by you. For checking transactions the according block explorer or wallet has to be used.

... and many more!

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Supported currencies

Already with our first version you are able to use countless digitial currencies - thanks to many APIs working in the background.

via bittrex
via address
coin details

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